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Oark, AR  72852
The Oark General Store
est. 1890
The Oark General Store, listed in the Arkansas Register of Historic Places, was opened in 1890 in response to demand for groceries and supplies in the isolated community of Oark, in northern Johnson County.  The store has served the area ever since.  It has the distinct recognition of being the oldest continually-operating store in Arkansas.

The rural community of Oark is surrounded by the Ozark National Forest and has access to many natural settings:  the Mulberry River, a National Wild and Scenic River; the Ozark Highlands Trail, a spectacular 200-mile trail great for dayhikes and camping; as well as countless miles of off-road trails for outdoor enthusiasts, including the legendary Trans-America Trail.

In recent years, the Oark General Store has become an attractive destination for both on and off-road travelers, due to its location along windy and dramatic Ozark highways.  In the last 20 years, the store has transitioned from mainly groceries to a full-service restaurant, while keeping convenience items and gasoline.  Its a one-of-a-kind drive-to-eat experience, with home-style cooking seven days a week, from sun-up to sun-down.  Come see us soon!
CAUTION:  Oark, Arkansas, is off the beaten path, so GPS devices and cell phones may not work properly.  Be sure to plan your trip accurately to arrive successfully in Oark.  Once there, you can't miss the Oark General Store!